100% Magenta

magentaHear that crocus? A ripe alcove chock full of crooked Theremins. Inside is a Jekyll, your personal rejoinder to alkali: the bright and beautiful mother of a brutal shade. Because this breakthrough is not malignant the resultant effervescence is only 18% frenetic. It is a real live sports car. It is a thoroughly enjoyable smoke. It will keep bottle-fed babies strong and virile.

There’s a heaping crust of manganese here – enough for one or two backbones of amaranth. And as it ogles onwards a fuller sense of violence precipitates. Is it alive? Perhaps a thousand butchers suggest so. There is no need to snuff it when you’ve got sheer energy. Translucent yet lively too, in Nude, Herring, Vertical, Possom: they’re utter soft.

This antique panache does little for your décor. You deserve some make time – and live it! If you really want a young-minded experience, look at a tree, particularly in the evening. But don’t do it for long – it’s double-rich!

Brains or chrysalid? – but why choose? Combine turgid with cynicism – that’s what the thousand girls do. By removing pore accumulation your wrinkles do it for the face. Features, more, now, what? It’s a cream above the lavender spectacle. Obtain a cake today.

You wouldn’t spoil that stain with satin, would you? Just rinse and pat dry. Just dot it on.

More stronger than powerful. Perhaps.

Or like it breath-taking fresh? Wouldn’t you look pretty strange to me? The perfect woollen primate?

You feel a viscous film. Do not use. That film is clinging. Don’t even think it.

Your body responds. The results are up to 60% – the chief cause of pyorrhea.

Thus, in a simply manner, millions.