MachineMachine is the website and archive of Daniel Rourke.

I am a writer/artist and academic.

My work is concerned with re-articulating the digital in light of current debates surrounding posthumanism, and is predominantly realised through critical fabulations that treat everything as a science fiction.

I am currently finalising a practice-based PhD in Art (and writing) at Goldsmiths, University of London. Please follow these links for more detail:

I am feature and review writer for and

I am a 0.5 lecturer in Digital Media Arts at London South Bank University, and associate lecturer for the History of Art, Design and Film at Kingston University, London.

Please get in touch immediately to offer me jobs and things.

The /stream section of this site archives what I read, write, watch, think, research, and do as part of an ongoing experiment with aggregation and meaning. You can think of it as an interactive notebook and portfolio.

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Some ongoing art projects you should take a look at:

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I used to write for an archive of past articles can be browsed here.

My really really really old blog/website,, has gone into stasis. Explore it at your leisure.

In 2007/2008 I also wrote at Space Collective, under the imaginative moniker ‘Rourke‘.

The archives for my music radio show and podcast can be browsed here.

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