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The 5th Mercy Podcast for Liverpool Biennial, 2012 is a work written, performed and edited by the wondrous poet Holly Pester and myself (Daniel Rourke)

Featuring Original Work by: George Major : Claire Potter :

Featuring Audio Samples From: Bo Didley, I’m a Man The Yardbirds, I’m a man Jacques Dutronc, La Fille Du Père Noël Davie Bowie, The Jean Genie The Winstons, Amen, Brother Danger Mouse, Interlude Die Hard Original Soundtrack (inc. Let it Snow, by Dean Martin) Featuring Textual Samples From: Roger Ebert, Die Hard, July 15, 1988 : Scientific American, Shakespeare to Blame for Introduction of European Starlings to U.S. : Wired Magazine, Cue the Scream : BBC 1Xtra, The Story of the ‘Amen Break’ with Crissy Criss : New York Times, 1877, American Acclimatization Society :

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  Podcast: 5th March 2010 / theme = Borrowed or Stolen [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Subscribe: via iTunes

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